Joule SE Upgrade

Hello, I am interested to hear from anyone who has heard the SE upgrade to the Joule Electra LA 150 Mk ii. If anyone can offer anything about the sound before/after the SE upgrade it would be much appreciated. Thank you. - Kevin
do some search - I found easy two relevant responses

#1 05-25-09 from Isanchez:
The LA-150 MKII Signature Edition is the LA-150 MKII plus V-Cap OIMP output capacitors. It also borrows some other internal components from the LA-300ME flagship preamplifier. These new parts upgrade should give the LA-150 MKII Signature Edition very similar texture as Joule Electra's flagship LA-300ME preamp...

I had the LA-150ME, which I then upgraded to the LA-300ME. Since the LA-150 MKII SE should be close in performance to the LA-150ME I had, it is a fantastic preamp for the price and most likely the best deal in Joule-Electra's preamp line-up.

#2 01-16-09: from Psag
I recently upgraded from the LA-150 MkII to the LA-150ME. The LA-150ME was only briefly available, and has since been replaced by the LA-300. Regardless, the LA-150ME is a clear improvement over the LA-150 MkII, which was already one of the most natural sounding preamps I've ever heard. The sound of the LA-150ME just sounds truer to the ideal of real music. Textural details of acoustic instruments are more detailed and realistic. I'm planning to upgrade my unit to the LA-300, as soon as Jud has the time.

Good Luck
Hi Kjo,

Yesterday, I have auditioned LA-150SE. I am not familiar with non-SE unit but I was immensely impressed byt this preamp - much better them my Jeff Rowland Capri. There was not a touch of some artificial coloration - very, very natuural sound, very close to acoustic music. Interestingly, it provided the best bass I ever heard in any preamp - deep, tight and rich. Extraordinary sound!!!

Good Luck.
Thank you both. I think I will take the plunge and get it done. It may take a little while to get to it but I will post impressions afterwards.Thanks again. - Kevin
Kjo, I don't think you can go wrong with the SE version. I had the MKII and sold it, and I sold it when I bought Atma-sphere amps and wanted a balanced preamp (also Atma-sphere), but I now also use a Music Reference RM9 Special Editiom, so I bought the SE - It is too long to compare accurately, but it is without question a very, very fine preamp.