JWN Amps still in business?

HI. Trying to find the link to his site. Defaults to a server site then nothing. Tried different searches with no luck. Any assistance in how to reach him/his site would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, dave
Just wanted to give this thread an update...

I recently met Jim without having ever heard of JWN amplifiers.  He was working as a service tech at a local shop and ended up completely re-working my old Scott 340b back to spec.  I learned quickly that this guy is smarter than the average bear and super into the hobby.  I understand there were some low times before(much as we've all had), but he seems well past them to me.

We're now into our second project restoring a pair of Maggie Mono Blocks that will undoubtedly sound sublime.  Search out the other reviews of Jims work and you'll see he's a standup guy with some excellent designs.