is music hall out of business?

i keep emailing music hall and they never reply. does anybody know if they're still in business?
Dear DPN2340,
Music Hall is alive and well. We are a dealer and everything is ok. I'm not sure why you are not receiving a return email.

Can we help you with anything? Please feel free to email me direct.
Roy Hall is sometimes out of the country for extended periods which seems to cause emails and phone calls not to be answered right away. It's a very small operation. You should get a response with time. Also, Roy relies pretty heavily on his dealers to handle parts and service issues. If you have an urgent inquiry you may want to take that route.

How do you know this? Their USA site does not say anything about it. They also just released some new products. Has this been confirmed with Roy Hall?

Say it isn't so... first Red Trumpet now the mentioning of this? I'm with Mattybumpkin, as Kal this really needs to be confirmed with more then just throwing out a YES.
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Yes, the question is asked it two ways...hard to tell which one Kal answered.

That would have been a catastrophe. One would have to go to Shanling, Onix or Usher to buy the same CD player, or to Sumiko or Goldring to buy the same turntable.
Not implying anything. He asked 'does anybody know if they're still in business?' and my answer of 'As of a few days ago, yes,' should be pretty clear: My information is a few days old but YES!

I find it surprising that someone cannot understand such a succinct answer in the same language as used for the question.


My bad and apologies to all, I shouldn't read AA right before bed I guess.

Kal, please let me know what "succint" means, us "bumpkins" have a hard time understanding such words.

Not all of us are as edjucated as you.


Pronunciation: 'sär-"ka-z&m
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I think what confused people by your simple answer of "Yes", was that the TITLE to this thread was:
"Is Music Hall out of business".

Your answer of YES through some people off, as they looked at the title, rather than at the question inside the thread.

By the way, since we have coresponded before regarding the Revel Studios, (which we both own), I thought I would let you know that I have upgraded my amplifiers to the Lamm M2.1s.
Wow! They have turned what I once considered good speakers into great speakers. (The extended frequency response that these speakers are capable of, given the right amps, is amazing. Not to mention the soundstaging and imaging.) If you ever get a chance to listen to a system with these amps, you should take the opportunitiy, IMHO. (They are the best amplifiers I have heard, and thanks to my "ever upgrading" buddy, I have heard quite a few amps. Although even he has stated that he has finally found his final amps, the Lamm M2.2s!)
Although, I have not heard your particular Classe amps, so I have no comparision to your amps. (Although my same buddy had the CA-401 for years, before he too discovered the Lamms). Anyway, thought you might be interested.
Kal, Kal, Kal

I'm even more confused now.

In the language the question was asked, when you answered "Yes" to the question "does anybody know if they're still in business?", all we know is that someone, "as of a few days ago", in fact knew whether they were still in business. No clue whatsoever whether they were or were not in business.

So, now that we know that you (or someone you know) knows the answer to "Are they still in business?", let me ask for the offical record: Are they still in business?.


The news of my demise is premature.
Music Hall is hail and hearty and very much in business.

Roy Hall
Thank You Roy! Lovin' the sound of that MMF7 I bought a couple of months ago!
"I think what confused people by your simple answer of "Yes", was that the TITLE to this thread was:
"Is Music Hall out of business"."

I was not responding to the title but to the question in the OPs post which read:"does anybody know if they're still in business?"

The answer to that is, succinctly, yes, as Roy has confirmed.

Kal, perfectly succinct if you ask me. But the ensuing confusion was priceless. Though I can see how it happened with the thread title asking the question exactly opposite from the text itself. Hilarious Hijinks.