Kappa 6 midrange replacement

I am the original owner of a pair of Infinity 6 Kappa speakers. The speakers were purchased brand new in 1990 and have been simply phenomenal ! The only issue has been surround rot on the bass drivers 10 years. This was lovingly repaired by Jamac here in Portland, OR. Sadly, the last week one of the polydomes on the midrange decided to literally erupt, tear and fall apart (you get to be 30+ years old and see how YOU do). I have one of two options: 
1) Order a replacement driver from an outfit called simplyspeakers.com. 
2) see if I can locate a re-dome kit
3) ship the offending driver off to be re-domed.

If I go with option #1, I think I would need to buy a pair of midrange speakers (one for both speakers). The difference between the two is the replacement is a traditional paper diaphragm/foam surround. I can get a data/spec sheet for the replacement from SimplySpeakers, but I can't find one (what am I thinking?) for the Infinity model 902-3075. 

I could ship the broken midrange off to be re-domed/re-foamed, but I would be without a speaker for 6-8 weeks. (No thank you.)

Any thoughts/advice/recommendations?

(Don't suggest new speakers, I can't afford a pair of KEF Blades just yet)


@jcipale oh ok. i think i remember seeing something on their website where they want you to pack your mids using part of a pvc pipe.  that's extensive!  well, good luck, man.  

Not sure if Bob at American Vintage can help you:

Email: bob_douglas@mac.com
Phone 508-839-5678

If not Scott Seifret

Go into Facebook and search for Scott on the Vintage Infinity Speakers group.  He has what you need!

@ervikingo Thank you for the suggestion but I dumped facebook years ago. I refuse to patronize Meta/zuckerberg. That being said, I looked at American Vintage and they appear to be a shadow of what they used to be.

@erik_squires I spoke with the person at Miller Sound and he was quite helpful and nice. Answered all my questions and was very patient. They are definitely a solid research.

To all following this sad thread, I bought a pair of drop-in replacements from SimplySpeaker. The units arrived Friday. Well packaged, the chassis/frame was an exact fit for the mounting holes in the Kappas. It took roughly 10 min/speaker to remove, snip, strip the wires and solder the leads in place. (Note: Keep the plastic dome cover in place while you have the driver face-down, lest you crush the dustcap/transducer. The mids sound wonderful! I kept the original polydomes and will have them redomed some day, but being retired, that is not on the budget right away.