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Kappa 6 midrange replacement
@ervikingo Thank you for the suggestion but I dumped facebook years ago. I refuse to patronize Meta/zuckerberg. That being said, I looked at American Vintage and they appear to be a shadow of what they used to be. @erik_squires I spoke with the p... 
Kappa 6 midrange replacement
@Erik I looked into the simplyspeakers replacements. I am not sure how they compare to the Millersound replacement (which is taking my current meds and re-doming them). Both are 4 ohm loads (resistive). But no other data on the overall freq respon... 
You own a store, you sell 2 brands, which?
Infinity for speakers.SAE for electronics. 
How to buy Emotiva CD player
I found mine at Home Video Library Electronics in Portland, OR. 
REALLY vintage!
@dillnone of the images match the item. I was hoping for links/wikis/etc. all i have been able to find is generic overarching blurbs. 
Wireless sub
In the realm of a stupid question, why not run your entire speaker scheme wirelessly? 
Help with adding turntable to my room...cartridge advice for Rega P6
I am going to piss everyone off:Fluance rt85 belt-drive with a Denon DL-103 cart. I took it on the advice of another couple of users and I have not regretted it. It is a good neutral cartridge that plays well across nearly all genres of music that... 
Jazz vocalists which may not be as real as we think/imagine
@mozartfan - give it up.Your post came across initially as an attack on DK. You havent done/said/written anything to defend your argument.As several have pointed out, microphones, venue, electronics, the sound engineer influence what we hear. If y... 
Advice on Selling Vintage Equipment
My DH 200 is still going strong to this day. As is my Soundcraftsman RP2204 equalizer. 
Local dealer cuts store in half says audio is dead
Sorry to say, but i am surprised he didn't go under a long time ago.Anybody can open an electronics store. But to compete and do well, you NEED that extra that comes with customer service. 
What is turn on/off sequence of amp and pre-amp?
@g_nakamoto - if your amp is plugged into the ’Switched’ outlet of your preamp, you ’potentially could’ damage the amp. You didn’t specify if your Mcs ( great choice BTW) are tube or solid-state. Solid State is a little more forgiving then tubes a... 
What is turn on/off sequence of amp and pre-amp?
It is unwritten that the preamp is powered on first followed by the amp. If you have an equalizer or other signal processor in your main signal path, then it is best (based on my experience) to turn on in order of signal path (pre->eq->signa... 
The very best sound: Direct to Disc
Amanda McBroom & Lincoln Mayorga!!!!Dave Grusin too! 
How many people here generally buy used?
All of my main gear i purchased new in the mid-80’s. I just recently purchased an Emotiva CD/DAC to replace my Carver CD player. My Bryston 1B preamp i picked up from ebay ($350.00 vs 1800.00 new in the early 90’s). Much of my gear i have 'used' w... 
Tube Preamp with Solid State Amp?
At the risk of coming off as boorish, isnt this the great conundrum we face? We want that elusive perfect sound. That 'is it live or is it memorex' moment. But, anytime we approach that perfect mix, we will find imperfections.Live music is 'perfec...