Keep C47 or change to a Mac tube preamp?

I have had the C47 as pre for a few months and like the sound of it. However curiosity is getting the better of me as I read more in this forum about tube preamps. Will there be an improvement in sound if I were to get one of the older tube preamps like the C220/2300/2500? Or do I need to move to the newer ones like the 2600/2700 from what I have now to see value? Mostly listen to MQA from Tidal and vinyl. 
Amp is the MC 252 and speakers B&W 803D3. 
Well I have C11, C20, Mx110, MX120, C2500. Here is the deal. 220-2300 don’t have a Dac. The 2500 does. The C20 I have will just whip the pants off most of the newer gear.

The MX120 has one of the best stereos and 3.? speaker setup you can use. Trunurual by SST is not as good in my MX120. I’ve had several through the years.. Mac makes the best one for a 3 speaker setup.

The MX110, have a serious preamp and great phono section if you work it.

The C220-2300 have remotes, and a SS sound but good phono sections. Some folks really like that series of amps. Pretty clinical to me BUT very well made, and different valves don’t hurt..

The New C22 is different, no dac, like the C70 (different) no playthrough, no dac..

The C2500-2700 are ALL close. I’ve heard the 2500 (several) and 2600 a few times.. I love my C2500, with the right valves.. Great piece.
I use a MX120 and 121 (sometimes), and a C2500, ALL have playthrough...

Will you like a valve amp by Mcintosh.. Yup.. I think so.. Plenty to choose from and great service..