Keeping Drivers Healthy

I own Audio Physic Tempo IIIs. The originals, without the grills. Wonderful speakers; I want to keep them that way. No grills plus the slanted front results in dust accumulating on the top of the midrange/woofers. I occasionally dust them, but I wonder if there is something more effective to do. Any suggestions? Will most driver surrounds eventually dry out and become less flexible? Can they be wiped with something that will maintain optimal flexibility without harming them acoustically?
Some people say you can wipe them with Armor All. Others say that the material can actually become "addicted" to it if you use it too much and actually break down the driver material. In your case, I would almost be tempted to pick up a small can of compressed air and give them a puff every now and again. I don't think I'd worry too much about them wearing out. Just my opinion.
Armor-All won't hurt polypropylene-based cones. Won't protect them, either. Addiction? Thanks for the first day's laugh....