KEF LS50 or Harbeth P3ESR for desktop system?


Spendor S3/5
SVS SB-1000 sub
McCormack modified Micro Power Drive
McCormack Micro Line Drive
HRT Music Streamer II DAC connected to the PC
AQ cabling

Speakers are 5' apart on the desk.  2' from back wall, no side walls within 6', vaulted ceiling.
Near field - I'm 5' away from them.

Piano jazz, movies on the PC, podcasts.  I don't try to break my ears.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with the current setup, but, well, you know...

KEF LS50 (not wireless), or Harbeth P3ESR (maybe even Anniversary Edition)?

In my opinion no speakers can sound good on a desk without a proper room correction system. It´s just impossible with all reflections from desk and pc monitors. Recommend e.g. the Paradigm PW AMP with Arc2 correction for this job. Difference is phenomenal. ATC monitors, Kef 201/2 and Audiovector SR1 Arreté personal favourites for the moment. Just tried the Strada 2 with subs, which I had hopes for, pleasant but weak in mid resolution (and needs to xo very high).

please, let us know your opinion on the small Harbeth as a desk top speaker. 
Will do.  It won't be for a while - they're backordered until April.

So I wait.  (Im)patiently.

Cheers to all!
I 've lived with the p3's 40th for a few months now they replaced my thiel scs4. Shortly after I recived them my beloved a/d/s pb1500 subwoofer (circa 1980) finally failed me and is currently in the shop. So I've been forced to listen to them on there own, bar from missing my sub theses speakers are magical! Like you see in almost of the reviews the mids are to die for and the highs are airy and delicate is the only way I can describe them. But if you really want to blow your mind with these speakers go on e bay buy a carver c9 sonic hologram take it to your local stereo shop and have rebuilt to a higher standard. I run a Rogue amp and preamp with nos mullard and rca(tectonics) tubes which already provides a great soundstage...the c9 puts it on steroids! Now I know the criticism about signal processing but I don't care I know what I'm hearing. With near field listening and in the sweet spot I am hearing things from the Beatles I've never heard before! Things like Ringo's bongos that was lost in the background now come out to the forefront and you can almost hear every individual finger hit the skins... Crazy! Another one is Norah Jones come away with me, bought this cd 10 plus years ago skipped though it wasn't impressed. Dug it out the other night and holy crap! You can almost feel her breath and you differently can hear it! The one and only criticism if you want to call it that is if you want any kind of volume levels they need power. My st100 is putting out around 70 watts per and it struggles with some of the pre sound war recordings. Other then that enjoy these little gems there awesome! O and if Steve Guttenberg is reading this get off your horns and finish the review on these already! lol