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What speaker could safely be ordered without hearing it first?
Avoid speakers with huge bass output. Safer compliment with subs. ATC speakers always do well.  
Favorite Dolby Atmos scenes no one mentions
Oscar winning Roma. Natural sounds. No action.  
Class D ICEpower 1200as2 vs. Purifi 1ET7040SA amplifiers
@yxcbandit I believe the "typical Class D harshness" is gone by now.  
Bass- at what frequency does it change from sounding like a string to just a low tone?
I like the sound of sine waves from 20 Hz and up. Billie Eilish is very good for this :-) Bed aware not to set the level on your subs too high or you will only hear the "sound". And use dsp.  
Class D ICEpower 1200as2 vs. Purifi 1ET7040SA amplifiers
Make sure to choose a class D amp with lots of head room like 800w in eight ohm. You may also want it to be stable in 2 ohm. And don't pay too much for boutique brands. Yes, the "war" is now between different class D constructions. Myself I use... 
Your experience of moving to two subs
If you believe you got good bass - work harder. Don't be satisfied. The reward is great!  
the big one: how do you choose speakers? By what features, data?
Any speaker that don’t feel unstressed at 105db is out of the question.  
Newly discovered
Back on track.. The Bones of J.R. Jones.  
Newly discovered
King Hannah Doug Wamble    
The best speaker cables you’ve had
@jbetanc  lol.  
Live (analog) vs Digital Home Audio
@mijostyn Everyday i search for new music and artists through Roon. Todays catch is Lou Tavano (sort of Patricia Barber). But old heroes always returns to the playlist and one of them is (the late) Guy Clark (and his companion Rodney Crowell). A l... 
Live (analog) vs Digital Home Audio
@mijostyn Rymden is space in swedish/norwegian so why not call it space-jazz :) FYI Both the bassist Dan Berglund and the drummer Magnus Ostrom formed the famous jazz trio E.S.T. led by the late pianist Esbjorn Svensson. If you like a fusion with ... 
Live (analog) vs Digital Home Audio
The opposite with me. Like their recent album best. Am not really inte bluegrass but impossible to resist their musicianship and songs and recording quality. With your great system you might appreciate a (sort of) jazz group called Rymden.  
The best speaker cables you’ve had
Try to listen to my cables but hear nothing.  
Revel F228be
@mofojo In room they have a giant bass which must be controlled not to hide the dynamics. Well set up fantastic sounding. On everything. Keep on rocking :)