KEF Q300 vs Dali Mentor Menuet

I am planing on pairing those two with Onkyo 809 receiver and can't decide which to go with. KEF much cheaper though. Also I am planing on having them with Klipsch W-310 sab.
I'm going to audition the Dali Mentor Menuet soon and did a search on the Dalis. Apparently this is the only thread I can find which goes on the show the lack of interest on the diminutive Mentor Menuets.

I believe the Mentor Menuets are musically more enjoyable than the Kef Q300s, an overall more engaging speaker. Do a search on the Menuets and you'll find that these monitors are quite special.
I had the chance to hear the r300s and I was shocked how good they sounded much improved over the q300. I have not heard the dali,s so I can not comment on them. However you may want to listen to.the r series if they are within your buget. Best luck