KEF Reference 1s v LS50 Metas

Anyone compared these two? I’d be using either an Ayre VX-5 Twenty or a pair of Parasound JC 1s. I really like the Reference 1s, but I have a pair of LS50 Metas boxed and ready to sell -- I replaced them with LS50 Wireless IIs for my secondary setup. The speakers are low-passed at 80 Hz to a pair of Velodyne HGS 15s with acoustic room correction, and high-passed at 80 Hz by a balanced Marchand filter. I briefly used the LS50 Metas with an Ayre V-5 xeMP amp and thought they sounded very good, but I wanted to declutter and a now rack of equipment is gone.


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not a realistic comparison. the price difference should suggest that. Decide the primary use for the system, the room and how much you really want to spend. A room can be a pretty good equalizer and if acoustically challenged might not be worth the $$$ for reference 1 speakers.

steve59 -- I own the Reference 1s, LS50 Metas, LS50 W II, Ayre VX-5 Twenty, and three JC 1s, so it’s not a matter of buying. I admit the question posed may have been silly. Judging by the sound of the LS50 W II which is very good but lacks the subtly of the Reference 1s with Ayre XV-5 Twenty I might expect the same with the LS50 Metas.