Ken Fritz - very nice recent Washington Post YT video

A new video from one month ago was released on YouTube by the Washington Post Channel.  The title is “the man who set out to build the World‘s greatest stereo”. his name isn't in the title.

Features Ken Fritz in an interview from probably the last year of his life and shows his serious health challenges.  Provides a real nice view of his room, historical construction pictures, and talks about his lifelong effort to build the system and nice family interviews.

in contrast to the article the washing post did, this is a much more favourable and enjoyable video to watch. It's six minutes with 1900 views those far.



emerginsoul   I had posted a video called One Man's Dream - Ken Fritz Documentary about the world's best stereo system (  a while back and everyone seemed to enjoy it.   The post evolved into multiple posts explaining the outcome of all of that equipment he left behind.  You may find it by searching the title on this platform, if that is of interest to you.  It may be the same video, but I have not had a chance to watch the one you mentioned yet but will soon.  

No it's a different video that's only a month old. And shows Mr. Fritz and a serious health decline.