Kenwood KR-9600: leaking maxi electrolytics

I bought a Kenwood KR-9600 receiver last weekend. It powers up ok, but has crackling noise on the left channel. I pulled the bottom cover and the plate that's over the 4 power supply caps (80vdc, 10,000mfd). They all leaked, several badly. Of course, the ESR is way out there. There's no sign of overheating or other distress. Will it be enough to replace those caps or should I look for other problems?
Check the physical size, and lead configuration of your caps, and see if the Cornell 64668s, on this page, will fit(click on, "miscellaneous" at the bottom of the page): ( The slight increase in capacitance can only benefit the amp, if they will fit. The cost would be slight, if you can perform the install yourself, and chances are; will correct the problem. Some other options on this page: (
Thanks. Mouser had the right ones for $8.95. Was this an aging issue or maybe just a defective lot?
This is a common problem for this model; even 10+ yrs ago.
The caps were worked pretty hard, and rail voltages were too close to rated working voltage.