KEXP with Squeezebox Touch

I'm using the SBT for just streaming stations, so no storage device attached. I also do not have Squeezebox Server installed on a PC, and I would prefer not to have a PC running for SBT. I only use my account at to add Favorites.

So, with only SBT, is there a way to play the uncompressed stream from station KEXP? Or, what's the best workaround in my situation?
Go to internet radio -> pick search-> type in KEXP-> save to favorites. Seems that it only streams at 128 kbps and the selections include a bunch of podcasts. BTW that how I use my SBT as you do most of the time although I do have a hard drive and computer set up to run My Music.
Smortega - KEXP can stream at 1.4Mbps uncompressed. Apparently, there is a way to play this on the Squeezebox Touch, but I'm having trouble figuring out how to configure this:

"The work around - under WebUI Settings/Advanced/Filetypes disable "Native" for Windows Media NOT WMA lossless."

Here's the thread that explains this but I'm not sure where the settings are made.
I've checked settings in Windows Media Player, Squeezebox Server, that I wound up installing, and in Softsqueeze, that I downloaded, but no luck.

I do know that the File Types Tab in Windows Media Player is no longer available for Vista and Windows 7, so in XP only. Maybe, that has somethig to do with it.