Kharma Ceramique 2.3 with McIntosh MC275 or Purifi Amplifiers?

Crazy question, but I'm debating on either going with a "nouveau" solid state amplifier like a Purifi build, or going "old school", and doing something like a McIntosh MC275 V or VI.  Has anyone tried out either of these with Kharma's Ceramique speakers?  I don't have the ability to hear either of these unfortunately.
I heard a Purifi-based amp driving Genesis Vs as well as Wilson Watt-puppy and the result was very good, fast sounding, detailed and not harsh (as I expected it to be).
Can't tell how it'll sound on Kharma's ceramic drivers.
Haven't listened to MC275 for ages... sorry
I have had some exposure to this speaker. If memory serves it is very easy to drive and seems well suited to tubes. I think you can do better than McIntosh.
Thank you for the replies!  If tubes are the way to go, what would you recommend?
I am a big fan of OTL amplifiers like the Atma-sphere. If the lowest impedance that the Kharma has is 6 ohms or above then I think this would be the way to go.