Kharma MP 150 any user?

Hi I am using Kharma MP 150 monos for some time now and recently I have placed them on Solid Tech stand. I can hear slight buzz from them at my seat. It is not from the speakers, it is from the amps. Any users outhere who can tell me if it is normal?

Fabulous amplifier by the way!
I have them and love them. Mine do not buzz and I have had them on a lot of different stands etc.

You could write Bill Parish at GTT Audio/Video. He is the US distributor fo these amps. Very helpful guy.
Thank you Dgaylin. I did not hear the buzz before also, so I am wondering ....What power cords are you using, if I can ask?
I use Kaplan HE2's. Tried a lot of others. Realy like the price/performance of these. What are you using?
I use Shunyata, but also Yamamura cables....I get more musical expression with the old Yamamuras and a bit more "precision" with the Shunyata. I think I will buy the bullet and buy Kharma cords.....
Before you do anything else, take the amps off of the stands and see if the buzzing stops.

If it does, buying power cords, speaker cables and/or interconnects might not help is the buzz is a vibrational issue.

My isolation transformer buzzed louder the harder it worked, but it buzzed more when I sat it on a maple block of wood. when I placed brass points under the transformer as it sat on the wood, the extra buzzing went away.

Throwing money at cables is like taking anti-depressents for depression. They may or may not work, because there's an actual reason that a person is depressed, and it's not being addressed. If your amps are buzzing on the stands, there's a reason for it that should be addressed.

See what the difference is on and off of the stand before you try shots in the dark with things that may be unrelated.

Also, are the screws or whatever in the rack as tight as they should be? If you like the sound better with the amps on the rack, have you tried placing a weight on the top of the amps to add some mas and dampen the vibration?

Chuck, Thank you for your input. Yes the amps are almost silent if they are just on the hardwood floor....but I like the sound better, if they are on the Solid Tech stand....the power cord issue is not related to the buzzing, it is again to get the most of the Kharma sound from these beauties....
I think that you're going to find that eventually the buzzing will start eating at you. It's there and your background isn't as quiet as it should be and the buzzing, even though slight, is still masking some detail that you would be hearing without it.

I hope that you can come up with a solution to stop that buzz. I think that you'll like your system even more if you do. I wish you the best of luck finding a solution.

I think that these anps are super sensitive on where you put them and how and what power cord you will use.....even at that 6 moons review it was mentioned....well, the sound deserves to be pampered!!!