kimber kable

how do the kimber kcag and silver streak compare against each other?
I have used both interconnects in my system, and give the nod to the KCAG which is marginally better. However, for the difference in cost, the Silver Streak is a fantastic buy. It does 95% of what the KCAG does. If you want to experiment a little, AND save a ton of money, check out "". They offer both assembled and kit-form all-silver cable sets, as well as their version of Kimber's Silver Streak (they call it the "Silver Solution"). You can buy the "Silver Solution" kit for $30 each, and all you have to do is a bit of soldering and assembly. I have several of their all-silver interconnects, as well as several pair of the "Silver Solution" wires in an office system, and I have been very impressed. In summary, I'd suggest you try "HomeGrownAudio"'s cable first, and if you aren't happy, get Kimber's "Silver Streak".
I can't disagree with Sdcampbell's recommendation, but would add that if you want to experiment, I'll sell you Kimber AGSS, the $16.50 per foot wire in KCAG, for $9 per foot. In lengths up to 9' 2", or even a few at 10'.
I also find the HomeGrown Audio to offer everything the Kimber does, only better. The wire they use is solid core rather than stranded. It tames a bit of the harshness of Kimber. The Kimber do come with better RCA(WBT) plugs, but you could probably get better(locking) ones from HomeGrown. The Super Silver($70) is better than KCAG, for less than the cost of PBJ. I think the copper containing cable is almost the same in terms of sound as the all silver one. If the price of all silver is too high, you won't really miss much with silver + copper. But, if you do choose HomeGrown over Kimber, go for the all silver.