Kimber Kable 4TC vs Morrow SP3

So, since 2004 I have Kimber 4TC biwired run, they are the blue/black coloured,
For the past few months/year, the Morrow cables got my attention, I found a killer $125 USD deal on a set biwired pair of SP3 cables 2 meters per run,, they are like 2 years old.
Any suggestions to go for them?

My system not so fancy tough:
-Margules ACRH 1.2  2018 model, modified to 140W per channel 
For those not knowing the amplifier
-B&W DM602 S3
-Kimber Kable 4TC biwired 2 meter run per side.
-Kimber Kable Hero RCA´s.
-Denon 5910 Reference universal DVD/CD/SACD/DVD-Audio player.

Keep the KIMBERs.... they work for you and you already have a like brand synergy with your ICs,

Especially at that very modest price point for your new targets, I highly doubt that they will serve to be an improvement . And especially on a blind purchase, they may very well be worse .

For any audiophile improvement matters like this it’s crucial to distinguish between ‘different’and ‘better’. Some people get ‘it’ right away and others don’t.

Over the years, I’ve found the following statement to be the most useful in such situations: “For a sound to be ‘better’ it must be ‘different’ from the preceding sound. However, being different does not automatically mean that it is ‘better’.”

Or put differently, one person’s perception of ‘better’ is different from another person’s. Which is just as well really because otherwise none of us would be able to help ourselves choose or help other buyers choose.
I agree with akg_ca...I'm not sure you'll get a bang for the buck.

I'd just put in the upgrade jar for the sources/speakers before you upgrade your connections given you have a compatible set that doesn't appear to have any performance issues.
Previous Morrow owner here. I would wait for SP5 or SP6. That is the sweet spot in the range. Same for Interconnects and phono cable. There are very good. I had to spend much much more to better them. I went thru system change and went in another direction for speaker cable. Still have the MA5 rca's.