Klipsch Heresy IV Leveling

Hi all, 

I picked up a set of the Klipsch H4 a month or so back with a 60 audition. I'm planning on keeping them - they make a nice complement to my LS50s when I want to change things up a bit and work well in my smallish room. 

I do have one thing I can't quite figure out and wanted to see if some other Heresy owners have solved: the floor in my listening room is not quite level on the right side and the H4s don't have any obvious way to level them. I saw on one forum that an owner had decided to use three of the four rubber 'dots' on the bottom to solve this problem (which I've done) but it feel very impermanent. There are no threaded inserts. 

I'm pretty open to different solutions - I have thought about replacing the wooden bases with the Isoacoustic ones or even getting stands (I have a sub so I'm not as concerned about losing some bass). I'm open to other stands, too. Looking to see if anyone has solved this before. 

Thanks and Happy New Year. 
I have an 86 year old friend that bought a pair of beautiful Hereseys that came on matching stands. The speakers and stands have matching  nicely done veneer (don't know what type of wood).

The stands brought the HF horn to ear level. They are one of the best sounding speakers I've heard anywhere. By all means, try some stands.