Klipsch Vs. NHT

I'm starting to put together my first HT so I'm pretty ignorant when it comes to what to use. I've been eyeing the Klipsch RF-5's and RF-7's and also the NHT T5's. I'm curious as to what people recommend between them. Any input would be appreciated.
NHT 2.5i pops up here sometimes. Killer speaker.

Wouldn't waste my money on the T5 but the SB3 is great for HT. Get five identical speakers that respond to 39Hz. THey are also wall mountable if you so desire. Big bang for the buck.

Good luck!
I have the Klipsch RF7's and they make a great home theater speaker, very dynamic.
You can also get use the RF5's if space is limited.
Even though the RF7 have deep tight bass, you will need a sub for your home theater to sound it best for movies.
Thanks, I have a Klipsch RW-10 sub to use with them. It is new so I haven't had a chance to use it much but so far I love it.
I heard both speakers and found nht to be very musical.... The Klipsch RF series was very bright, harsh, and tiny sounding. I would highly recommend NHT over Klipsch.... I am not a Klipsch fan they all sound like PA speakers to me. For HT NHT would be an excellent choice. If you can, go audition them before you decide because you need to hear what your getting.