Klipschorn placement and power question

I have a large farm machine shop that I would like to place a pair of Klipschorns in. I know they need to be in the corners, but can they be mounted up off of the floor. Or do the horns need to be on the floor to sound right? The shop is 48Wx72Lx17H. I'd like to hear stuff like ZZ Top at live listening levels. Any amplifier suggestions?
06-03-09: Jaybo
dangle 901's from the ceiling and fire up the zz top.
... or 5 pairs of JBL-100's pointed at the listening area.
I used a QSC PLX 1202 pro amp to drive K Horns and i was as smooth as can be, not fatigueing at all. This particular amp was recommended by an engineer at Klipsch (it is what they used in one of their labs at the time). It was $600 new at the time and 200 wpc. I still use it in my office system.

The K Horns will fill that room, even that large. I also built "false corners" for mine and yes, they did dissappear. Don't believe everything that you hear on teh street.

I prefer my B&W 800's, but the Klipsch are quite a bargain for the price (used). Just use the right amp (not necessairily expensive).
Your shop is as big as a movie theater. Use pro gear.
It seems foolish to put nice wooden cabinets in that environment. You need a sizable truck -- the K-horns are a car with a big trunk.