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Who needs a MM cartridge type when we have MC?
I'm a little late to this thread, but here is my situation. I have a second table that I like ot use with my noisey records. It is a Technics Sl 1210 with a Sumiko MMT arm. I am using a Denon DL160 which works very well at supressing noise, but I ... 
P1,2,3: the best Rega for the job
FWIW I have a spacer on my Rega P9 with a Shelter 90x. It sounds nice. Don't be afraid of a spacer. I have used a few different carts on the P9 (Shelter 90x, 901 and Denon DL160) and they were all a good fit with the spacer. 
New LP with pops + crackle, What is expected?
The whole situation just stinks. We are a bunch of middle aged guys with disposable income who are willing to pay more than the price of a CD for music in a time when kids expect that music should be free. And we have to accept noisey new records.... 
Upgrading through the current Revel lineup
Is this the wpines from the Klipsch Forum? Glad to see that I'm not the only one there that went to other brands. I switched to the B&W 800 series years ago. Congrats on the Studio's. I heard teh Salon II's a few years ago and loved them. What... 
Analog System to Beat Digital - - for little$$ ??
Pick up a new Technics SL1210 from an interent discounter like Musiian's friend for about $470. Get a Jelco 370 arm on ebay for $300 and a Denon Dl103 on ebay for about $150 both new. I have just CNC maufactured tonearm boards for putting Jelco ar... 
Jelco Tone Arms
It looks like it is the same as the Sumiko Premiere MMT. What table are you planning on using it on? 
Klipschorn placement and power question
I used a QSC PLX 1202 pro amp to drive K Horns and i was as smooth as can be, not fatigueing at all. This particular amp was recommended by an engineer at Klipsch (it is what they used in one of their labs at the time). It was $600 new at the time... 
Wilson Sophia 2 vs Revel Salon2--fair comparison?
"I'd be more concerned that the Revels and possibly the Sophias might be to reveling for the Brystons 4B SST's. If your ready to up grade the amps also go for the Revels and buy amps for them."Why do people pick on Brystons? I think it is the revi... 
Wilson Sophia 2 vs Revel Salon2--fair comparison?
I have posted this before but FWIW, at CES 2008 only four speakers that I heard stood out. The Wilson WP8's and Revel Salon 2's were two of them. The Wilson's had about $100,000 of VTL equipment in front of them and the room was really dialed in. ... 
Klipsch vs. Dynaco A25
If you like Klipsch, look at the Forte or Chorous, or, if you have room, the Cornwall. Much more bass from each of these. FYI, the Forte II has an improved midrange horn. 
Looking for basshorns
Klipschorn, about 39hz to 400 HZ. The factory cutoff frequency is 400 HZ. Where are you located? Feel free to drop me an email as I have a spare pair of Klipschorn bass bins. 
B&W Nautilus vs Nautilus
If your dealer said it, it must be true, and yes, they are not very good. The only reason that these "old" speakers command decent prices is that they look like the new ones. Can you image living with the technology from 5 years ago? I don't know ... 
Any new up & coming high end speaker lines?
So you like the Andras. Pleas post a thorough review. I have been interested in these for a while. 
Rega P3-24 Vs VPI Scout.
I had a Scout and a Technics SL1200 and now a Rega P9. If you can stretch your budget, pick up a used Rega P9. it has every option so that you will not be tempted to modify it, which will cost more in the long run with the Scout or P3 24. 
B&W 802D vs 800 Nautilus
A friend had 801 S3's and I have Signature 800's (esentially N800's). No comparison. The N800's are much better. The 802D is supposed to have a better tweeter. I have not heard them. The big factor is the size of your room. If it is better mated t...