Klisch Cornwall, Audio Note UK AN-J, Auditorium 23 755

I'm curious if any one has thoughts on Auditorium ANJ or Audio Note 775 vs Klipsch Cornwall speakers. I have an 8 watt 300b tube amp and currently running Klipsch Forte IVs. My room is 20X14X 12' high. Not a lot of info out there regarding Audio Note UK or Auditorium 23, but both seem to be a good fit with low watt tube amps.

Thanks, Mark O


I’ve nothing useful to add, but a bump and to say I think that’s a great question, mostly because I’m kinda wondering in the same direction. Have read a couple of times that the 755’s aren’t bass-heavy music friendly (important to me)…but I dig the way they look.

You are trying to compare three very different speakers, and you haven't told us what you like or don't like about your existing Klipsch Fortes. If you like the Forte sound then the Cornwall IVs would seem to be a no brainer - Fortes on steroids.

The Audio Note J is a very different speaker. Much more polite delicate than the Klipsch and will sound absolutely bass shy, compared to the Cornwall. If you like one I doubt you would like the other, in the same room and with the same music. Maybe an AN-E SPe?

I haven't heard a pair of Auditorium 23 755s for over twenty years so I will not comment.

I understand where br3098 is coming from, but discussing the characteristics/use cases of very different speakers seems to me more useful than quibbling over minor differences of similar ones. For the latter, the ultimate decision would likely be more personal, with little need for forum debate.

The non Klipsch speakers are significantly less efficient, to the point where your 8 watt tube amp will struggle to fill the room like the Forte does let alone the Cornwall.  I like my music loud, and even when I’m not listening at loud levels I like to know my system can get there if needed and while it’s not a large room, it isn’t exactly tiny either.