Koetsu Rosewood Sig. v Koetsu Rosewood SigPlat

Can anyone comment on whether there is any real difference in a revealing system? I think there is a $1500 price difference.
I suggest you check out 10audio.com. Jerry does a really nice job of reviewing 5 Koetsu cartridges, from the Black, all the way up to the Rosewood Signature Platinium.

FYI: The output of the RSP is about 0.2 mv, as opposed to the RWS which is about 0.6 mv (They state is is 0.6 mv, but I think it is closer to 0.4 mv really, IMHO.) This means you need a really top notch phono preaamp with lots of gain to use the RSP. (Say 70 db or so.)

I have the RWS, and it is a very nice cartridge, but it is a little loose in the bass. (If your system has the capacity for really good deep bass, it is not a big problem, just something you live with. If your bass is only marginal, I doubt you could live with the RWS.) I am going to check out the Shelter 90X, to see if it is worth trading the Koetsu strengths (incredible imaging, soundstagind, and of course the Kostsu mid-range magic) for the more balanced sound of the Shelter.

Good Luck in your search!
Dear Gregadd: There is a high difference between these cartridges: the RS is a typical Koetsu sound cartridge and the RSP really shine all over the the frecuency spectrum. The RSP perform very well at the frecuency extremes: LF/HF, where the RS is not a top contender.

If this characteristics are important to you, then pay for it, you will be satisfied.

Regards and enjoy the music.

I had both at one point.I must admit Raul is correct in his analysis,but,neither is perfectly neutral,meaning you get that KOETSU sound.That is NOT a bad thing!
update-I went with Koetsu Rosewood Signature. $3,000.00 loan(gift) for nephew's tuition heavy influence on my decision. Why do we have to send them to college. Cheaper to let them stay home and party.
i own the RSP II and agree with others here.....very special cartridge that is full frequency.....outstanding detail and nuance.....and magical tonality. i also agree that you need a low noise phono stage with good gain....the low noise is more significant than the gain since the specialness of the cartridge is most evidant in intimate music.

i use my vdH Colibri mostly since i love it's explosiveness and immediacy.....but the RSP II is still the best at it's strengths.
Mike, I haven't heard about a version II and can't find anything about it on the Musical Surroundings website. Could you elaborate a bit on what version II is? Thanks.
George, sorry for the delay in my response. when i saw your question i had to think about it some. i have always had it in my mind that i had an RSP II. so i went to my original reciept and it said 'RSP II'. i then looked back at the original Stereophile review in 1998 and advertisments from back then.....none of them referred to my cartridge as RSP II.

i must conclude that my use of RSP II is flawed and that an RSP and RSP II are one and the same.....there is no RSP II.....that i can find any reference to.

sorry i caused the confusion but i'm glad i cleared that up in my mind.....i don't want to be the source of mis-information.
Kurt_tank ...

Did you check out the Shelter 90x ...? If so, what did you think of it, and how did it compare, in your opinion, to the Koetsu?

Dear Frank: The 90X and the RSP have very different music presentation: the 90X is very alive cartridge at both frecuencies extremes and the RSP is a softer one. The 90X it has a better tonal balance than the RSP. Which is better?, that depends of your music/sound reproduction priorities and the signature of your audio system. If your audio system is on the " warm " side then maybe it will be better the 90X and if your system is on the " bright " side the RSP will mates better. Now, if your audio system is a " full range " one then the 90X will mates better than the RSP.
There is no a single answer for it. If you can share with us your priorities and your audio system then I'm sure we can give you a more specific advise.

Regards and enjoy the music.