Krell 2250 amp or Proceed HPA2 for Music

Does anyone out there have a opinion on these 2 amps for music. My Preamp is a Proceed AVP, Purist Audio Proteus cables and B&W Nautalus Speakers and Revel B15 sub. Thanks for any help.
If you like more body slam and a richer souding amp go with the Krell and if you like the sound of your AVP ( a little antiseptic without the impact) go with the HPA2
If you like the sound from your AVP, stick with the Proceed. I do feel that with 250wpc, the HPA should provide all the power you need for your Nautilus speakers.
Thanks for your help, I've heard the Krells KAV's sound a little on the bright side. With the new 2250 unit has that changed or is it just wrong.