Krell 400 evo monos or rogue apollos for an egglestonworks Andra 1

Your learned opinions pls.... Thks so much
I had Andra II that's more efficient and sounded best with the Krell FPB600.    I wouldn't bother with tubes amps, Andra needs HIGH current in order to sing.   Had a Sonic Frontier Power 3SE+ ... upgraded to the max by Part Connexion but just couldn't drive them.
Well, I hate to contradict knghifi, but I disagree.

I too use Andra II speakers, and I was using hybrid 200 wpc Lamm M2.1 monoblocks, but earlier this year I upgraded to a tubed 150 wpc VAC 300.1 stereo amp, and the sound is better pretty much across the spectrum.  The bass is about the same, but from the midrange on up, the 300.1 is clearly better.  Even the imaging and soundstaging is better.  I could not be happier with the sound.

(And I should point out that I listen to my music loud and in a decently sized room too.)

My two cents worth.