Krell CD DSP

I have a chance to buy a mint condition Krell CD DSP The seller was asking 2200$ he went down to 1700$. I called up a service tech that worked for Krell back in the day and asked him if any thing goes wrong can it be fixed. He said no and wouldn’t touch (buy it)  it unless it was given to him for free. The seller said he had it for 10+ years with no issues what so ever. He only said that this player hates scratches on the disc and it will skip over it. Which really ain’t bad. But I was still wondering if anyone would take a chance on an old Krell CDP that u can’t get no parts for. 

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If it skips easy on scratched cds laser may be going out. To many moving parts to pay that type of money for an old CD player.

I have an old Exempar Audio modded tube Denon 2900 that when it’s starts to not play scratched disc the laser is about to go out. I just buy a new laser off eBay for $30 and replace it myself. I don’t use it anymore but keep it for kicks it still sounds good for what it is, in its day it was $5000 now it’s worth maybe 2 to $300 to a brave willing buyer. 

@Paulcreed.   I totally agree it is way to much to pay for an older Krell. He said to me what am I will to pay and you’re comfortable with. I offered him 500$ and still think I’m taking a big chance. He said to me one just sold not working on line for 1250$ and sent me the link. Sure enough it sold for that amount. I can’t believe anyone would have bought a Krell CDP for 1250$ not working and knowing u can’t get any parts for. Unless he was using it for parts. Any way he never got back to me about the 500$ offer. Better off for me. I always loved the older krells especially with the clear acrylic tops. And they were built like tanks. It’s a shame that they can’t be fixed due to no availability parts. 

Many years ago, I owned a Krell CD-DSP and loved the look of it. I liked it so much that I packed it away in the garage for my ultimate future system. I finally pulled it down to listen to it and it would only play through the coax digital out. I called Krell, and they said they could no longer service it as most of their techs who knew that unit no longer worked there. Disappointed, I sold it to a friend for around $300. Any amount over (or maybe even $300) that would be a mistake, IMO.