Mating a Krell Phantom two box pre with an Agostino momentum stereo amp. Thoughts?

Just purchased the pre so haven't heard yet as no option for audition. I am told by people I trust that I should be in heaven when it's all cooking. Has anyone used this combination? Thanks for any insight from serious Krell users.

Thought there might be more Krell guys out there. The Phantom pre looks like a very serious design that should outperform the 202 by quite a bit. Anyway I'm anxious to get the two units together in about a week. 

Not that it's interesting except to me but the combination is more than I hoped for. The Phantom is not only beautiful to look at it mates with the Momentum perfectly; for me. It has added more detail and shimmer to the Momentum while providing no etch at all. I think the Momentum lays a little to the dark side tonally while the Krell is very neutral and transparent adding just enough light for my situation. I would think the Krell 202 preamp would have similar results. My comparison base is running my Bricasti dac direct into the Momentum which is also very good. Unfortunately the enemy of good is better.
Last comment. The 'ARC' dealer I bought the Phantom from said the Phantom was in an entirely different league than the ARC Ref 5. I had assumed he'd Krell bash. It's a great piece of audio gear and has Dan's fingers all over it.

Never owned Krell but have always wanted to surprise that the pair is like "peas and carrots".  Enjoy!
I'm using latest AQ silver inteconnects Wind along with a set of Cardas Cross speaker cable. Kind of ecletic I suppose.,Also speakers are Revel Salon 2's. Truly love them.

I have a few AQ Niagaras, which I believe is very similar to your Wind.  No doubt your combo sounds great. 
very similar for sure. defeats the entire silver is always bright wives tale. would never return to copper. detailed and very smooth.