Krell Cipher Issues?

Wow, I'm now waiting for my THIRD Cipher to be shipped. First two were far too problematic. Anyone else having issues with this fantastic sounding paperweight?
Well, number three arrived...and it refused to read the very first disc I put in. In fairness it did read the second through 4th...but quit for good on number 5!!! I have had enough, I presume I will get a refund without too much trouble.
I bought a Cipher about a year and a half ago. Immediately, some of my cd disc were noisy, from the disc drive. I returned it to Krell and they gave me a new replacement. The new replacement has worked flawless ever since. That is well over a year now. I live in Toronto Canada.
Well, I am not sure if this is due to an inherent design fault but it is in any case Krell's fault for assigning the production of the transport to a Chinese company with seemingly very poor quality standards. That's the price you get if you start saving money at the wrong place - the transport! I am sure people ready to spend way above 10 grand for a premium / luxury product are also willing to pay one or two more grands for a faultlessly working transport. Seems like Krell's sourcing manager did a very bad job in his quest for a few more $$ of cost savings. Pity on all the R&D guys at Krell who have shed so much blood, sweat and tears for the development of such an otherwise outstanding sounding product...
Right On! Ayberk, a comedy of errors for sure. I wish this spinner could be better...