Krell coupling capacitor question

Does anyone out there have instructions for engaging the coupling capacitors on Krell amps? I have a pair of MCX 750s and I want to see if the capacitors make a difference when I use the Krells with a tube linestage. If you have a sheet you can fax, please email for my fax number. I suppose I could get the instructions directly from Krell, but I am hoping Agon comes through so I won't have to wait until Monday.

In the end I will report my impressions on the effect of the coupling capacitors.

Are you using the Krells with a tube pre now? I have used many in the past without the coupling caps and had nary a problem with my 700c. Having a direct path to the speakers is a plus I think.
The coupling caps are not for sound they are for blocking DC that some tube preamps pass to the amp. Krell is direct coupled I believe and DC will cause it problems and could make it stop playing.
I have a FPB 600c and am using a ARC LS25 MKII. I called Krell about the question of engaging the coupling capacitors and the service manager told me that it is perfectly ok for me to run the ARC tube pre-amp without engaging the coupling capacitors as the ARC pre-amp has excellent DC protection on its output stage.