Krell FPB amps & Pure Note Sigma power cords


I was amazed at the difference a Pure Note Sigma P.C. made when I used it with my Krell KRC-HR pre-amp & was wondering if one can get similar improvements by using a Pure Note with my FPB300c with its built in power cord. Has anyone tried this before? Obviously with FPB300c's built in original power cord, one has to connect to the Pure Note via a mains distribution block or maybe try hard-wiring the Pure Note direct onto the built in cord?

Any advice will be much appreciated.

Many thanks.
I had to do a little minor surgery on my FPB400cx to use an Synergistic Research cord and YES the results were worth it.

Very easy to do as the IEC has crimp terminals and the krell is Aluminum and quite easy to file the hole.

I have a couple of extra iec's if you are interested.
I did the same on my Krell (installed IEC socket). I used the Sigma cord originally and now the Paragon. The Paragons are shielded which sound cleaner, IMO. Great power cord.