Krell FPB700CX compared to new EVO


I just sold my FPB700CX amplifier and am planing to go to 750MCX. Has anybody compared the FPB700CX to the new EVO series. According to the dealer here the new EVO402 is less powerfull and leaner in the bass than the big 700CX.

Now I listened temporarily to FPB600 and after that to FPB650M. I could not beleive how much better the FPB650M is than the FPB600. Is this similar for 750MCX to 700CX.

What about alternatives. I listened to many amps but never found another brand as good in control of my Wilson speakers than Krell.

I had a Krell FPB300cx for a few years which replaced an
FPB300. No comparison the cx was far superior. I've
replaced the 300cx recently with an EVO 402. The difference is beyond belief. The Evo is superior in every way. The biggest difference being staggering realism. I can,t say if the 400watt Evo delivers more base control than the 700 watt cx. It sure blew away the 300cx which is no sloach.
DCS Paganini trans. DCS elgar plus DAC directly into the
Krell, Driving Theil 7 Speaks. Regards Alan
I upgraded from a Krell 400cx to the EVO 402 while maintaining the rest of my system (BAT 52se preamp, Esoteric XO1D2, JM Lab mini-Utopias, Sub Utopia, all the usual good cables, cords, power conditioner, etc.).
The difference between the two amps was really startling. The EVO was more musical in everyway. This was an audition and I immediately called my dealer and accepted his offer on trading in my 400cx. It has been a pleasure to listen to it for about a year now. Of course I have the bug to upgrade the speakers now.