Krell HTS 7.1 still worth it today?

Been trying to find a DAC/Pre with output capabilities of more than 1 balanced stereo pair.  Stumbled into the world of older audiophile level home theater geared hardware and am thinking this is the route to pursue.

Are units of this vintage still relevant today for only sound use?  Is there something a bit newer with similar sound quality and the ability to decode more modern audio formats available in the used market for $1500 or less?  Anything else to specifically look at.  Video is fine going directly to my TV so I am really just looking for something that does hifi 2 channel sound and also capable of doing surround.
The only device that I have ever seen with two separate balanced stereo outputs which have separate individual analog stages is the Classe CP-800.  It's a 2-channel DAC/Pre.  It is NOT a multi-channel home theater processor like the Krell HTS 7.1.  There's one on ebay now:

I have NEVER seen a HT processor that has two separate XLR outputs for stereo left/right channels.  There are some consumer level processors/receivers that have an option to bi-amp outputs, but the performance is usually not that great.

If you want to move up from HTS 7.1 to a better processor with excellent audio, look for a used Krell S-1200.
I use a Bryston SP3 connected to an Ayre disc player via HDMI and to the by-pass input of an Ayre preamp via XLR.  I use its video pass through to the projector, so it's easy to switch between disc and cable.  But looking at the Audiogon Blue Book I see it doesn't meet the $1500 criteria.
I owned a Krell HTS 7.1 and Patrick Bresnahan at Krell took it on trade for a Foundation back in 2014 when they first came out. I was amazed that Krell would be interested in getting a piece of equipment from 2002 but Patrick told me there was a huge market for HTS 7.1s. He also had me send the Foundation back to him and he upgraded it to 4K UHD. I hope he’s enjoying a wonderful retirement!