Krell KAV 300i won't Power On?

I have a collection of audio much of which I never use and recently got this out of storage.

I once had trouble turning it on in the past, but noticed that the batteries in the remote were dead.  I replaced them, was able to power on the amp with the remote, and everything was fine, sounded great etc.

Now, I have just tried to use the amp (again with new batteries) but whether manually on the amp or with the remote, I can't get the red stand by light or the blue power light to illuminate.

I have checked the fuses in the rear which seem fine and also opened up the top cover where four internal fuses also seem fine.

Would greatly appreciate any advice or ideas whether specific to this Krell integrated amp or generally as to why an amplifier might not power on.

Thank you and best regards,

A couple decades ago, I had a Krell CD-DSP (CD player). Like you, I have a lot of equipment and boxed it up and put it in the garage for a couple years. When I put it back into service, the transport worked (via the digital out) but it wouldn't function as a player. I used it with an external DAC, and later sold it. The guy who bought it was local and dropped by to show me that one of the internal parts that he replaced had rusted. I assume the temperature change, despite being in California, allowed condensation to form on the internals probably causing the malfunction. I would look to a qualified tech for help. My recollection is that Krell doesn't like working on their own equipment unless it is recent vintage or under warranty. I would still call them if I were you and tell them the problem. They may be of some help.

As it has been in storage, a plausible explanation and thank you.

However, I just had another memory that the last time I used the Krell, any intermittent trouble was solved when I simply unplugged and plugged back in the power cord, a bit more firmly and securely. (?)

Also, I was surprised at how good and punchy this amp sounded compared to my Levinson 23.5 at the time.

This time, however, just cant get it to power on.

Would anyone know if the power socket on the back of a Krell might have a fuse?  Or any other reason the power might not be flowing through to the integrated amp?

Again, the other four fuses have been checked and look fine so strange to think it would otherwise be dead?

Meanwhile, I have also unpacked on old Naim Nait from at least 20 years ago, a Yamaha M2, and a vintage Marantz receiver - they all power on and play just fine.

Thanks for any further ideas on the Krell.

Again, I would place a call to Krell. The 300i has been around for many years but someone there may be able to answer your questions and provide some insight as to how to fix your unit (if it can be fixed). It certainly can't hurt. The techs there are helpful if you have a product that they're familiar with. 

So I spoke to Krell who indeed were helpful - thank you.

As it turns out, there is a sliding fuse drawer inside the 3 pinned power socket on the rear of the amp.  One fuse completes the connection when the drawer is pushed back in, and there is also a spare fuse on the other side of the drawer.

The good news is that when examined, the fuse was indeed blown and the spare was ready to go so I was excited for a quick and easy fix.

The bad news is that the spare fuse blew out immediately.  Not the worst noise I have ever heard in audio, but there was a buzz that came briefly through the speakers.

Understanding it's not easy to diagnose audio components through a post on a forum, can anyone speculate as to what might be wrong and cause the power fuse to blow?  Or a buzz?  Caps?  Power supply etc?

(I have also asked Krell but they have been away for the New Year....)

Hoping it might not be a big deal, but given the weight to ship and a potential wait to repair, wondering if I might just sell "as is" to someone who is better at this type of thing.

Thanks again.


Did you solve your problem? I had the same problem today. I Change the fuse and it burns again.


No, I did not have time to deal with it in any further detail.

So sadly, sold my Krell "as is".

The person who bought mine did not seem discouraged, however, and also mentioned a tech in Bridgeport CT who apparently used to work for Krell, so he knows the units well.

Obviously, Krell can also service it but presumably could be on the higher end of the price scale.

A good amp worth keeping so good luck.