Kudos to Parasound service

I've owned a pair of Halo JC-1 mono amps for several years. They have given beautiful sound and nearly perfect operation during that time.

About a month ago I had a failure in one amp. Upon contacting Parasound I was given an RA and directed to return it to them for diagnosis and repair. So I shipped it ASAP. It was returned in just over a week but I had to leave town before unpacking it. Now I've had time to reinstall it in my system and again enjoy some wonderful music.

My whole experience with Parasound, from initial contact, to their prompt and reasonable repair, was a pleasure. When the concept of "service" seems to have become secondary to so many companies these days, it is rewarding to find any of the few who still offer that to their customers. Highly recommended.
Parasound people are tops if not all perfect. Had a similar experience with the difference being having sent my amp in for repair it came back with the same problem. No hassle in getting it repaired again, but had to pay to have it sent in twice.

Would not hesitate to buy their gear, but may look for a local repair shop if ever needed again.
Glenfihi, so you know, Parasound does have some authorized service centers around the country.