Lab12 Integre4 review from new owner

Just purchased a Lab12 Integre4 integrated amplifier and just figured I would let some folks know that this is a very fine amplifier. I bought it very slightly used. I have a Bluessound Node and Fluance Rt85 going into the amp and out going to KLH Model 5 speakers. Also have REL t9 Hooked up sometimes.
This amp is crystal clear and relaxed. It is an a/b amp running 4 kt150 tungsol tubes at the power stage and 4 6n1 p in the preamp stage. I upgraded from a Yamaha as1200. The reason I changed amps was I thought the Yamaha was a little too much with my speakers. Too much forward sounds. I’m not good at describing sound so bear with me. It was to sharp I guess. Very detailed and great wide sound and soundstage but just “too much” This Lab12 is still as clear but it is not as in your face but still very natural and I can hear every instrument out front but not as out front as the Yamaha. Just natural in the room feeling Plenty of power as the volume knob doesn’t go pass 10 or 11 o’clock unless I’m really ready to roll. John Prine Souvenirs album is mellow and weighty at the same time. James McMurtys latest rocks. Electric guitars are warm and last a long time. The Kinks Muswell Hillbilly’s sounds new again. Los Lobos Native Sons is the sound of a band jumping out of my speakers. And the bass in Bob Marley Kaya is full and fast.
The amp is built very well and classy looking and not too big but is weighty. Just love this amp. Hope it lasts me a long time