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Meitner Ma3 Streaming vs Aurender
I love my N200.   I went with Aurender because that's what they specialize in and they do it well.     
Seeking Honest Opinions: Your Experience with McIntosh Audio Gear
I recently set up my Dad's new MA 8950.  Awesome Amp,  definitely one I would be proud to own.    
Do You Buy Speakers Without Hearing Them?
I broke my own rule and ordered a pair of Omega Super Alnico Monitors sight unseen.    They ended up being a great speaker that is well suited for the application.    I find myself listening to my second system a lot lately, they are good  
Grado Customer Service (Bad)
Sorry , but that is completely the opposite experience that I had with Grado.    During the height of Covid they went above and beyond for me.    Would definitely buy another pair of Grado phones.   
John Rutan of Audio Connection does it again!
John is great to deal with.  I bought my Quicksilver headphone Amp from him.    
Aurender Model Choices
I own a N200.   Love it.    I'm using it with a Lab12 DAC and it sounds excellent.    Aurender makes good stuff.    
A persistent hummmm...
I had a weird buzz coming through my Forte / Quicksilver combo in my last home.  It was a plug in air freshener.   It was on a different circuit but still cause noise.  Took a long time to figure that out.   I had a Zesto preamp and i can honestl... 
Change Revel BE driver color to black?
I would not touch.   Ever try to get parts from Revel?   Not easy or cheap  
Value of a preamp?
Most important component in the chain...  
Can a DAC do double duty?
For years, all the way back to the original Audio Alchemy DAC I have always had a DAC as the heart and hub of my digital gear....  
New streamer
Enjoy !   Aurender products are great.   Support is great .     
Speakers to pair with Quicksilver mid mono
Mid Monos are great amps. I've used mine with Heresy II, III , Forte IV , also some low efficiency speakers.    All with great results.      
ZYX R50 Bloom3
I'm also interested in this cartridge.   Is it a huge step up from the 2m Bronze I'm using?   Part Time Audiophile raved about it.    
Static electricity and my Denafrips do not get along
I ran a bare copper ground below to my basement and just clamped it to the incoming water pipe.   
Static electricity and my Denafrips do not get along
In my last house I had a terrible problem with static.   I mounted a brass plate on a shelf of my built in ( a former closet) and grounded it to earth.   I would touch the plate before touching my preamp or DAC and no static.