Lampi Transport vs Aurender/Lumin etc

Hi has anyone compared the Lampi transport to the other audiophile ones for PCM? I will be comparing it to S10, Lumin, and a modded mini, but around 2 months away
I'd like to add the Antipodes DS and Baetis to that list of comparators to the Lampi transport.
While I've not compared the Lampi Transports to any of the above, I do have experience with both the USB (a USB to SPIDF converter with tubes) and the SBT Transports ( Lukasz takes a Squeezebox Touch, disassembles it and provides it with a better power supplies) and I believe both share the same unique tubed output. The SBT works just like a Squeezebox product but sounds incredibly better. I've had both in my system and it is hard to tell them apart sonically. I liked and chose the USB transport because it could work with jRiver or any other Apple or Windows software. Either compared to USB directly into the DAC make a significant improvement more lampization as it were. If you like the Lampi sound and own a Lampi DAC either transport will make you very happy. Of course they will both work with other DACs as well.
For every Lampizator Transport you still need a server or computer. Lampi transports only connect your server (Aurender, Antipodes) or your computer (Mac Mini) to your DAC. Lamizator USB-SPDIF converter is the best converter out there, and the Squeezebox based Lampizator Transport is just an awesome audio server. Both are called Transports, in reality they are a part of the transport, totally overbuilt.

Lampizator Transport (Squeezebox based) is using Squeezebox Duet, it's deeply modded, not just better power supplies. I own Squeezebox Touch with all the mods, including the linear power supply, good LAN cable, software mod for SBT, etc. This SBT is better than highly regarded $2500 CD transport that I had before. Lampi Transport trashed my beloved Touch in a way that extra 1500 dollars looked not just totally worth it, there was no going back. I had to buy the Lampi Transport. It took me another year to realize that I have to use proper server and not just optimized laptop.
I'm curious about the new Sonore Signature Series Rendu

see here:
I chose Antipodes. First had DS Reference. Then upgraded to DX. We compared Antipodes DX server to Wadia 781i CD/SACD transport with Esoteric D02 DAC (significantly worse then DX), to Esoteric P05 transport (significantly worse again). Will compare to dCS Scarlatti transport hopefully with both dCS Scarlatti 3 box DAC and Lampizator Big 7 DAC.
I am now of the opinion that Antipodes servers are the best for any money (as a full server).

Hopefully comparisons to W20 be made by users. And we do need comparisons to other servers too. But comparisons from people with truly revealing systems with good experience, ears, etc,

I still have Lampizator Transport and I appreciated it more when I recently tested it again. Even with poorly tuned notebooks it sounds divine. It totally beats Esoteric P05 transport too. As a stand alone network player I think it's the best. Remarkable achievement and dirt cheap for the music it makes. But it needs a good server. I settled for the all in one Antipodes. But Lampizator is a way to save some cash and is the cheapest ticket in ultra high end sound level.