Laptop for Auditioning Equipment at Dealer?

I'll be getting a MacBook Pro laptop this summer and would like to take it to audition DACs at stereo dealers. I assume you would need some cable that would let you go out of the laptop in Firewire or USB and into the DAC with Coaxial or Fiberopic. Does anyone know how this might be done? I guess I could take my Airport Express and go out of it with Toslink, but I was hoping to avoid going wireless and using the AE if possible.
If the laptop has a digital out (via a mini optical), then you can buy an optical cable with a mini plug on one end and a standard toslink on the other. The same cord will work from your AE to a DAC. van den hul makes one that's gotten good reviews here.

good luck.
Come on Steve, I don't disagree with your recommendation but you could at least disclose that you sell usb - s/pdif converters.
That could be construed as advertising. If I dont mention my products or my company name, then he is free to search the web for the many versions of converters for himself.
Congratulations on deciding on the new Macbook Pro. It actually comes with an optical digital I/O, which I believe is one of the mini connectors just like in your Airport express.

This does limit your choice of DAC to ones with optical input. Otherwise a USB to S/PDIF coax converter would be ideal as menitoned above. Take a look at

Hagermann USB Converter
Empirical Audio ;)

No association with either company, not even a customer yet. I heard good things about the Hagerman and it would probably be the one I would consider, especially for the price.

Some very good options, thanks. Armed with these I should be able to use the MacBook to play though most DACs, and audition speakers too. Much better than hauling around stacks of CD's!