Lars Kristensen and Michael Børresen leaving Raidho ...

Not sure if this has been commented on already but it looks like two lead players in Raidho are moving on to be full time with Aavik & Ansuz.

Any thoughts?

On 2nd July 2017 Lars posted the following on his Facebook page...

Time has been running fast. It is now 15 years ago Michael Børresen and I started Raidho Acoustics.
We have been designing, manufacturing, marketing, developing, selling until the end of last month Raidho speakers. What a lovely time and what a fantastic trip. Of cause it is very sad to leave our babies behind us.

But when that said, we now will use our whole time to do the same job for our 2 new babies, Ansuz Acoustics and Aavik Acoustics ,which both have been growing a lot in the last few years.

Hope that our distributors, dealers and consumers and friends will be around us.

Kind regards
Lars and Michael


Lars is hands down the best speaker demo person (host?  It’s early and I haven’t had coffee yet) in the industry. Raidho rooms at audio shows will never be the same. In fact, Lars is part of the reason I have such respect for Raidho speakers. Such incredible passion for sound and more importantly music. Same thing goes for Gamut.
Besides a great speaker demo person he sure knows how to demo Ansuz products as well. Michael is the brains behind the products. I've been at 2 different Ansuz cable demos and Lars has been at my home demoing Ansuz a couple of times. I have even heard the new Ansuz V2 Aluminum and Ceramic cables which should be released late summer or early fall. In case you're interested the new V2 Aluminum is much richer sounding than my Ceramic. But nothing beats the DTC...
I'm all giddy with excitement as I will be getting my D-TC loom next month. The "energerizer" box alone makes a difference when connected to the system by a power chord to the distibution bar - with nothing else plugged into it.

Agreed, Michael is certainly the brains and has a clear "vision" (bad word to use I guess) of the soundscape he is trying to conjure up - and with Lars' drive they seem to be making it happen - a great team (not forgetting Fritz of course).
Saying all this I >hope< Michael will still continue some form of relationship with Raidho, albeit just to consult and make sure all is well on his legacy.

No idea who the new guy, Rune Skov, is - although he knows how to take a selfie!
I'm sure Mike is eventually going come up with a new speaker. I have a DTC pc and Digital cable and they sure do kick butt!! Talk about clarity without losing any musicality. Looking to replace my Ceramic pc from the MainzD8 to the Aavik U300 with a Ceramic V2 when available. I also heard the Ceramic V2 sc and it kills my original Ceramic sc's. BTW I have D2.1's.
I wonder if the "separation" agreement between Raidho and the guys includes some for of non-compete clause? Just wondering.

I'm using D3s, U-300 and D-level speaker cabs (+MainzD8) and a couple of C-level pc's. D-TC speaker cable upgrade is really a "no brainer" in my books, but I have not heard the v2's yet (first I knew about it is here on this forum). Would be interesting to hear a side-by-side V1 vs. V2 comparison. Will a v1 D-level be comparable to a v2 C-level cable? 
chronoglidesky Rune Skov is/was Gryphon Audio sales manager and he is a great guy who does his work great...he also worked few years at Nordost...he changed Lars who was also sales manager for Raidho...he dont have any tehnical knowledge like Lars but another big shot was appointed as new a Chief engineer...Peter Larsen...very impressive man... not worry for Dantax :) they will manage...but i cant deny i was a bit shocked to hear that two great employers go...still dont know real reason why...they did not seemed a bit nervous at Munich High end show...Lars was laughing and was in a good mood...really great guy....maybe they decided to develop Ansuz and Aavik on their be bosses of their own...i wish them luck...but i must admit that newest Raidho does sound much better to my taste than previous series (but they need lots of room) and it will be interesting to see in which direction will new R&D methods of obviously competent engineer take Raidho a few years we might have a new noticeably better superspeakers...