Laserdisc Spine What does it mean?


As some of you may know I took the plunge into the world of Laserdisc's a while back. Now I'm knee deep in it and was wondering what does the spine # do for you. I have several auctions going at e-bay and I'm wondering of I should list this #?

Thanks in advance
No not really Glen as it isn't like RCA Living Stereo records where someone might enter for example LSC-2241, LSC-1817, etc.... Most LD buyers will just use the Movie Title for their search.

Oh then I'm not sure about the serious Criterion Ld buyers? You might want to add the numbers only for Criterion produced Laserdiscs. Have Fun!
Hi Audiobugged, I Have lots of Criterion stuff. What is the number telling folks! Does it represent a batch or a production year? or does it identify a particular transfer by a particular company? That would make sense, kind of like buying something that was an old RCA transfer rather than a newer transfer?

Just trying to nail it down in my head

Thanks BTW :^)
Glen, Nope Criterion's spine numbers just represent the order in which they where released. I know of a few Criterion Ld collectors whom are working on the entire set. The number just gives them something to check off on their list. Honestly other than Criterion I wouldn't get critical as far as spine info. Just be sure to mention if it is full or widescreen, what the aspect is, letterboxed, dolby digital, dts etc... This reminds me I have a second Pioneer Laserdisc player in the bedroom I should sell! I may need a check-list to rememeber all the unused equipment I have. Good Luck with your auctions!

P.S. Screws would work much better, than swinging a Hammer inside your head! Unless your partial to nails, then I would recommend a Nail Gun? ;0)~
If you use a nailgun, make sure not to modify it to allow for automatic fire and then attack (and kill) your partner in a failing business (and brother in law!!!) with it, in order to collect on the key man insurance you each took out on the other. Unbelievable, but it actually happened here in CT (the so-called land of steady habits) :-0
Fatparrot, I can hear the Evening News now! "An Assailant Nailed 3 Bank Tellers during a Bank Heist Today". Now if only Screw Guns where considered "assault tools" too? ;0)~

For all you collectors here's a link to some of my stuff

Any helpful criticism is welcome just short of asking me to lower my price :^)
Glen, so where the hell are the assault nailguns! Dr. Strangelove does look tempting, though!
I must confess I've had e-bayitis for the last few months buying and selling laserdiscs.

It sure is a pleasure popping over here to Audiogon to chat with you nice folks. Really helps me clear out my brain if only for a moment.

This is like visting with close friends and family. E-Bay is like working a both at the flea market.

Where would I be with out you guys? Probably released from the mental ward :^)

See ya
E-bayitis, Is there a cure? As I also suffer from this condition, but I guess it isn't as bad as a terrible outbreak of Rabbititus???
Do you guys know if there is a bluebook for laserdiscs? I'm still trying to figure out the pricing and am amazed by what some people get for some of their discs
Pure Luck these days Glen! Write a good ad, take good pictures, & they will bid!