LCD vs. PlasmaTV's

I would like to get some input about the advantages of LCD (flat screen panels, NOT projectors) vs. plasma TV's or monitors. I am really not interested in HDTV formats as a priority. I've heard negatives about "pixel burn-out", problems with use in higher elevations (above 6000 feet), as well as problems in extremely dry or humid climates. Also, what is the largest screen LCD availible? Thanks!
Have you tried?

The largest LCD currently available it 40" by Samsung and NEC in a couple of weeks. Samsung makes the glass for both screens. The picture of both panels are stunning. Im my opinion slightly better than plasma but you will pay a huge premium for LCD's as the technology is still very new in larger size formats. If you are above 5500 ft in elevation, the only plasma screen I'd recommend is an NEC. Marantz, Dream Vision, Ronco, Fujitsu to name a few OEM NEC product but I believe that NEC is the company to actually publish elevation on their spec sheets. I believe that the LCD will not have a problem at elevation, but I do not know of any installed at elevation as of yet. NEC is going through model changes right now and it will be difficult to source product. Hope this helps.
It depends on your uses of course. No TV is perfect for everything.

That said, you might also look into DLP RPTV's. We have a Samsung and love it.
Sony has 50 and 60 inch LCD models available. Panasonic has a 52in. DLP available now that is way better than LCD and looks more transparent than the current Samsung models.. Tom
Caution: There is a strong possibility that Panasonic is withdrawing their 52" DLP from the market for reliability reasons. Do a search at if you want/need details.
Doug there are 2 models the new cheap one that retails for 5k is the one to buy. The picture is incredible!
Cheap one for $5K? Which make/model or size?

We bought our tiny 43" Samsung DLP for about $3K. Once you wean yourself off TV's overly vibrant colors and artificial sharpness, it's easy to appreciate the filmlike/lifelike PQ the DLP sets can provide. Poor man's front projector, and no need to dim the lights.
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