Leaving a PSU on - yea or nay?

I’ve recently purchased a LTA MicroZotl2 that has an outboard linear power supply unit - i.e., the power supply unit is a box separate from the amplifier itself. The D.C. umbilical cable is four feet in length, which would allow me to tuck the PSU somewhere out of sight if I wanted to, though that would pretty much ensure I kept the PSU on all the time, only turning the amplifier itself on or off. I’m assuming that would be a no-no, however, given that the PSU does throw off some heat. Does anyone have any advice on whether it’s ok to leave an outboard PSU on 24/7? 

I have the LTA MZ3 and I leave the PSU on all the time. It does not put out any heat when the MZ3 is not being used. I believe the manual says it can be left on as well. My Benchmark DAC does not have an on/off switch and it is left on all the time also. It puts out a decent amount of heat for it’s size but as far as I know, it was designed to be left on.

Great. Thanks for that. Yeah, I bought the MZ2 used and always feel a little goofy contacting an audio manufacturer with the message “I didn’t pay you for this item but want your advice on it anyway…”. 

Having said that, a few weeks with the MZ2 really makes me want to try LTA’s other offerings, including the ZOTL 10. The MZ2 sounds fantastic. 
I started with the MZ2 also but I bought it new from LTA. I traded it in to LTA for the MZ3 and used it as a preamp with a CODA 10.5R amp that had way more power than I needed. I then bought a ZOTL 10 from LTA and it sounds better on my speakers (Spatial Audio M4 Triode Masters) than the CODA. Not a huge amount better, but enough that I now use it. It uses a lot less power and throws off a lot less heat. The amazing thing is the bass response of this 10 watt tube amp is as good as a 100 watt solid state amp on the Spatial speakers.