led zeppelin mini lp cd set

Wondering if anyone knows the whole story on the last go around of led zeppelin 'mini lp' cds.

Lots of conflicting info on the net.

Here is what I gleaned (not sure if this is correct)

2008 mini lp cd set

US edition - taken directly from 1993 mixes, sounds the same as the 1993 edition cds and original box set. Still available in print.

Japan edition - remaster of the 1993 remixes and pressed on SHM cds, better sound than the US edition. Out of print and stupid money on ebay with risk of chinese fakes.

So, is the Mothership collection the best thing going sound wise unless I go for the Japanese set?

Any rumor of High Def editions?

I have the Japanese SHM set, as well as a domestic ’93 master of “III,” and after comparing them, I must say the differences are pretty slight. The Japanese edition may be a little smoother up top and have just a touch more midrange clarity, but it’s really close. If you have the Japanese set, great, but if you don’t, don’t sweat it. That’s just my fraction of a dollar.
Thanks, missed the Japanese set and the ebay price now is just nuts so I'll check out the standard US box.