Legacy Audio Impulse integrated amp (200W/Channel SS amp) - low volume issue



I recently bought used Legacy Audio Impulse integrated amplifier locally, There is not lot of information online but it was mentioned that it was built by Coda technologies for Legacy audio and its 200 W/ channel in 8 ohm and 400 W / Channel in 4 ohms (so Similar to Coda Csib int amp).

I used this amp to drive ProAc DR40R as well as Audio Nirvana high efficiency speakers, The issue I am experiencing is that I have to increase volume quite a bit for decent volume level (it goes from 99 —> 0 and I have to increase it to 35, to listen to decent volume.)

My other two amps combinations


1. Musical Paradise small tube int amp MP-301 (6.5 W / Channel)

2. Aric audio unlimited preamp + Digital Audio Company class D Cherry mono blocks


Are more louder at lower volume than higher volume on Legacy audio Impulse integrated amp (200 W / Channel SS) which is really puzzling.


Just wondering what could be the issue with the amp, Why do i have to turn the volume so high ? There is hardly any documentation available online so no manual is available to troubleshoot.


Any feedback is appreciated.




Nothing is wrong.  The Legacy amp used a volume control with more range.  Most volume controls on amps use the mid to upper range as that is where it sounds best.   The input sensitivity is probably lower on the Legacy Integrated by design.  You are fine. 

I once had that Legacy integrated. Yes, it was built by Coda. The volume control on my amp had the same characteristics as you described. 
Very nice sounding amp; matched well with the Dynaudio Contour S1.4 I used then. Wish I would have kept that amp.

Welcome to the world of gain and sensitivity. Tube amps and preamps can have deceivingly high gains. This doesn't mean that they're more powerful than a solid state amp with lower gain!! 

Remember that most tube circuits were designed when sources were analog, and extra gain was useful. And lots of popular small-signal tube types have gobs of gain on tap. So it's easy to make tube gear that has tons of gain. 

But now we're in a digital world, where balanced DACs commonly push out 4V signals. The high gain preamps and power amps are no longer needed, or maybe even desired. So a lot of more modern SS designs forgo the extra gain stages. This means it can be difficult to even "max out" some SS amps when you're using an analog source. Meanwhile, a high sensitivity tube amp is easy to "max out" because it has simultaneously a lot of gain and not a lot of power reserves! 

In short - your Legacy amp is probably fine. It was designed with lower gain on purpose. 

Thank you stereo5, Valinar, mulveling, I am not worried that much anymore, l am getting same feedback from you all that it could be Gain may be because of the passive preamp section, and its quite normal behavior for this amp.

I will keep it in the 2nd system, meanwhile i compared it for little bit with the tube preamp and class D mono blocks and I still prefer tube preamp (with NOS Mullard) + Class D mono blocks but may need little longer comparison.