Legacy audio Signature lll speakers.

I am looking to buy a pair of these and I am wondering will they be a good match to a 150 watt McIntosh MA6850 integrated amplifier?

How is the speaker overall? Midrange? Highs? Bass I know is no issues. Is the sound seemless from speaker to speaker?

Are Legacy speakers just a high end Cerwin Vega? Before anybody slams me I have read some negatives about Legacy speakers in general, but only in the forum here in Audigon.

These speakers rarely are seen in the used market and I think that says a lot.

It seems like if most people love them, there is always some who will bash the brand. I see that about several comapanies like Dk Design/LSA, Von Schweikert, and many others. IS the bashing coming from real users? And if so how long did they use the product before bashing oocurs?
I currently have both the focus and the Sig's with a Mac 352 and 2200 pre and found them seamless. They need an amp with high current. My mac is 100 amps and is very good at controlling the speaker. I also would add that adding good speaker stands attached to the speaker really helped clean every up including the bass.
Cassroy ...

On the speaker stands ... could you give a recommendation? Are you talking about something like the Maple shade footers and wood platforms?

Thanks ...
I mounted these with wood screws and gorilla glue. They provide the fondation and adjustment you will love. I wish that every Speaker company started with this kind of base.
Thanks for the info, Cassroy. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

As a point of interest for others out there who are curious about the Sig III tweeters, all I can say is, these tweeters are what brought me back into the fold of dynamic speakers. Because I could always "hear" the tweeters in box speakers, I had long sworn off of them and opted for planers. After years of listening to Acustat IIIs and IVs, and Martin Logan speakers, thinking I had the ultimate in transparency, I learned to live with their short comings. Then one night I visited a friend of a frend and heard the Sig IIIs for the first time. He was driving them with a modified Dyna-70 and the sound was spectacular! I put my Martin Logans up for sale the next day and the rest is history. The tweeters on the Sig IIIs consist of a small dome tweeter and also a small ribbon tweeter. With them working together, I honestly cannot detect the tweeters at all. The highs are sweet and very extended. Honestly, with the tweeters working as they do, and the lack of a "box" sound, the Sig IIIs are everything I had with the planers ... but so much more. These speakers MOVE AIR! Again, they do their best with tube amps.
I have not heard the Signature III but I have owned Legacy Classics for the last 10 years and I love the sound. The bass can sometimes be boomy but the mids and a highs are what sold me on the Classics especially the ribbon tweeter. There are a lot of drivers in the Legacy speaker brand.

Agreed that like a lot of power. I have a 150 watts integrated amp and the Classic can suck up the power but they do reward you with good sound.