Legacy Focus 20/20 versus Focus HDs

Has anyone had the chance to compare the older 20/20s versus the newer HDs? Any help or input would be great.

Yes, I own both and the HD's are a fantastic speaker with many differences that I like over and above the things about the 20/20's I (still) love.

Correspond with me in email and I'll give you quite lengthy feedback that I've shared with 2 other A-gon members.

Bottom-line, the HD's are beyond my expectations and improved in many wonderful ways....
Zephyr, Can you please email me the same feedback? I would really appreciate it. I have been checking them out for a while now but haven't heard enough to get me to jump over the fence. I currently have Aerial 7B's, CC3B and SR3's for surrounds. I have also owned the old Legacy Focus and heard the 20/20's as well. I really want to get a complete system but I am unsure of the Legacy's center and surrounds. Thanks for the help.

Anytime...would be glad to. I'll place a caveat on the fact that I've read alot of folks like the Aerial's and many other speakers. The comments I'll send you are only my opinion (I'm not a dealer!) and a comparasion between the 2 models each of which I love the sound of from different points of view.
Thanks and I am looking forward to it. The email address is in my first post. Really appreciate it.
No, I didn't recieve it yet. Could you send it to moodyone9@aol.com? Thanks a lot.
No problem, would be glad to. I had already did twice but for some reason, it's not making it through...I'll try sending through Audiogon to your UserID's registered email address.