Lenco L75 turntable info?

I am wondering have any Audiogoners purchased one or other model Lenco's and have yet to build a new plinth or change arm, but are listening to it in stock only?
I am using a Goldring Lenco GL75p in original stock condition. The only changes made are replaced GL spares `V' blocks and the foam inserts to the springs under the plinth. The only modification is a strip of foam rubber through the jockey wheel's spring tensioner, not that there were any issues, just making sure. the main cartridge used is an Ortofon VMS20E MkII. This deck runs SILENTLY, it drives a Quad 34/306 into Mission speakers. It sounds almost as good as listening to a real live performance. I've always said that if you want to evaluate a hifi's performance, you should listen to a live rendering of what you're playing, not how `warm' it is, or how transparant, but how near it is to the real thing. My GL gets pretty near.
I have a gl75 in stock plinth with rega 300 arm. Apart from the arm change i have removed bottom plate and springs, done the spring tweak, and added plasticine for damping around the main bearing, between top plate and plinth contact areas, idler arm, under platter around spindle area. I also added an extra platter damped with plasticine from a cheap throw away dd tt. Sounds great. My sister just got a gl75 completely stock and it sounds great too. In fact she is getting rid of a lp12 and keeping the lenco. I have not compared my lenco to hers yet but I would be surprised if the cheap and simple tweaks don't produce a better tt. Enjoy your lenco they are great.
Don't much care for the Lenco tonearm, but the stock tt is shockingly good with a good aftermarket tonearm added. The additional beauty of it is that there is so much more you can do with the stock parts to develop the sound. See Lenco Heaven, for examples.