Less Revealing Replacement for Thiel CS 1.2?

System does not sound musical, especially acoustic guitar, which is too "dry". Listen to 75% classical/latin guitar and the rest a mix of jazz, other classical and some pop. Use a NAD 2100pe and 1600 preamp and an Arcam 8se with Monster cable MC speaker cables and Custom House HiRez interconnects. Would like to find a replacement speaker that has a sound similar to the Thiels but more forgiving of my other equipment (and less than perfectly recorded cds) for $800-$1200. Alternatively would swap out other components with the same budget, if that is the way to go.
Room is 11 x 14. Any help appreciated.
So, are you saying that you want an inferior (less forgiving) speaker
as to not hear the inherent weakness in your system and/ or cds? Less forgiving is, to me, euphamistic claptrap for speakers that just can't muster what they're fed. I used to own the 1.5s. I don't know how you do yours' without a sub. The high end was always a sore spot for me, and ultimately the reason I sold mine. They were, at the time, one of the most phase coherent speakers I had ever heard. I'm sure there are some audiophools out their that may be able to give you advice on how to IC and speaker cable your dryness away. I'm not one for using cabling for tone controls. I don't think your Thiels are the problem. I'm not familiar with your other stuff, but I know there are audiophools who will come to your rescue. peace, warren
Well, you can look at used Vandersteen 2CE Sigs or something from Meadlowlark. Both share the same time and phase correct design that Thiel uses but tend to be a little softer and warmer, ie forgiving.