lfd grainless interconnects

Anybody have any experience with lfd grainless interconnects? I have an lfd integrated amp and Harbeth speakers.
I would contact Gene Rubin, who you probably know if you own LFD/Harbeth. He knows what works when it comes to those brands and I'm sure he will give you an honest opinion of that cable. Good luck.
I have an NCSE and a pair of Kudos C30's and the Grainless were just the ticket. I was running Acoustic Zen Silver Ref II interconnects and Hologram II speaker cables and I changed them out for the Grainless/Grainfree combo and I couldn't be happier.

All I can say is that they just sound right, not really interested in making any further changes in my system at the moment. I'm sure they work well with other brands but in the context of an LFD amplified system they definitely work well.
Hi there,can I say,I have heard lfd,reference silver inter connects.And they were very special indeed.This maybe why they never come up for sale.I wish lfd made balanced inters.
Hello and greetings from the UK. There are as far as I am aware 3 sources of information on the LFD interconnects including Grainless, as follows:
LFDAudioOfficial Site